Tisteane launches its new Touch range at the Bocuses d'Or

For some time, we have been posting on Facebook photos of powerpoint, meeting tables, and other messages suggesting that we are working behind the scenes to announce something...

We had the pleasure to validate our collaboration with the Bocuse d'Or, to come and decorate with our new Touch solar lamps. As you know, we talked about it on our Instagramon TwitterWe are proud and happy to participate in this event, in which we recognize the beautiful things we share: the search for excellence, the taste for challenge, the irreproachable presentation, and the absolute precision of the achievements.

The Bocuse d'OrIt is a prestigious institution of more than 30 years. There are selections all over the world. And in Paris, for the national selection, we have chosen to have more than the models you already know.

The family is growing

You know our original Milk Jar lamp: a nice glass jar, a top technology to offer the best solar lighting, a handle, pop colors, a magnetic connector, two types of light (hot or cold) for a great vintage and original decorative object!

On the various photos we have been able to publish, you may have seen the newcomer:

The solar lamp with Touch technology!

We've been working hard to evolve our capsule system. We like the magnetic connector, but we thought we could complete the range with another ignition system. So we came up with a touch button. A little white circle that turns on and off. It allows you to unscrew the jar, remove the cap, take the candy you've put inside, screw it back on, without losing the light.

And to celebrate the release of this new technology, we have chosen to create a smaller jar, to be placed on tables during dinners, inside or outside. Of course, as for our original Firefly, we have kept its modularity, and you will be able to adapt it to other jars of the same width.


To be continued!

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