Our product sheet decoded

Our solar lamps are designed to light you up everywhere, all the time.

It is a solar lamp, nomadic and autonomous to put or hang.
⇒ In other words, it's a lamp that lights you up when you want it, how you want it.

It is composed of a thick glass jar, a metal handle and a solar lid with a screw thread integrating a solar capsule, a battery and an LED system.

⇒ In other words, it is a product with accomplished technology, and has been designed to be strong and durable. A product that is as beautiful as it is practical and well made.

Designed for indoor and outdoor use from durable materials, it provides up to 20 hours of illumination (for a full day of charging in the sun).

⇒ In other words, you don't have to do anything but let her work during the day. Obviously, if you leave her in the dark, she won't be able to do anything for you past midnight. But otherwise, she will accompany you when the whole household is resting, or when the beach hides the sea in the night...

Practical, playful and eco-responsible, the Tisteane lamps diffuse an abundant and subdued light in the four corners of the house and the garden.

⇒ That means a lot. It means that we imagined it as an everyday lamp, for those who want to live with their objects. It also means that we thought about the planet, because it's important, quite simply. And it also means that we tried to find the right balance between sufficient brightness and comfort.

Customize your lamp by choosing the color of the cover from our 8 options.

⇒ That means we thought design was crucial, and that putting light in our lives also meant we could put color.

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