A word from the founders

"Tisteane? It's all about sharing. "

The Tisteane adventure is an entrepreneurial adventure. But it is also a human adventure, full of sharing.

When it all starts with a desire

In the end, we started our company like many others before us, a little by chance and a lot by desire.

We were not the ones who wanted to create something at all costs, but we were the ones who regularly imagined what business we could have started, always laughing, always without taking ourselves seriously.

So we took the plunge.

We looked for what linked us. We have a passion for work well done, a passion for beautiful products, a real attraction for decoration, design and innovation. We like to create, we like to produce, we like to share moments.

Sketches, prototypes, and... Pot de Lait!

We'll keep it short: endless discussions, night and day.

Hours spent designing a product that meets our expectations.

One watchword: to be illuminated without constraint, with elegance, while being eco-responsible.

Our objective: to offer moments of sharing, by sticking to the values we hold dear: simplicity, respect, quality, innovation and design.

And so, in 2015, we launched ourselves. Two friends, with complementary profiles, one in charge of production, the other in charge of the commercial dimension, and both accompanied by a bunch of faithful people who all believe as much as we do in this crazy project of wanting to light our nights differently.

Tistéane was born, with its solar lamp design and eco-responsible, after so many researches, sketches and prototypes, Tistéane was there, with only one ambition finally, to allow you too to share exceptional moments, magnificently illuminated.

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