Le Parfait Solaire by Tistéane

A unique collaboration

When two companies choose each other, it's because their managers share a common vision and values: it's a matter of giving meaning to the products offered because they tell a story, highlight emotions and desires. They transmit values that go beyond their functional purpose. The lamp Le Parfait Solaire by Tistéane is in tune with the times because it meets the new aspirations of today's consumers.

The collaboration between the two companies is based on the notion of sustainable development (recyclable materials, renewable energy, longevity of components). It is also based on the idea that the product designed, beyond its primary utility, must also allow to stimulate the creativity and the imagination of its user (customization, accessorization). Le Parfait Solar allows to integrate elements of decoration which resemble us by placing inside dried flowers, stones, sand, pearls, shells, candies...

The art of diversion

The jar The Perfect Superwith its orange circle, is part of the French culture. It has become a symbol immediately recognizable by all generations and allows any type of diversion. Tisteane wanted to pay tribute to this iconic jar, to draw on its timeless, almost mythical design, and to associate its know-how in green technology with it.

The range Le Parfait Solar reflects this union of tradition and modernity. It gives a new function to the jars Le Parfait Solaire while respecting their primary vocation, that of being useful everyday objects, designed for creative and responsible consumption.

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