About us

The adventure Tisteane

It began in 2014 in Lyon, the city of lights...


Two friends, endless discussions, long researches, numerous sketches and a common idea: to create objects that are at the same time design, functional and eco-friendly.

In 2015, the company set up a design office to develop a range of outdoor lighting products based on economical and ecological technology. The care taken in the selection of materials and components reflects the ambition we have had from the start: to offer reliable and high-performance products.

The choice of lines and tones, the practical and fun aspect of use and the use of state of the art green technology testify to our desire to create decorative accessories that are in tune with the times, designed for creative and responsible consumption.

We have strong values, and the value of sharing is anchored in us and we can't let it go. Mentioning only the names of the founders does not make sense to us, because it would mean denying the teams who work or have worked on the project, from near or far, by intervening occasionally, or by offering an idea that we have retained. This luminous project is solar because it recovers the energy of this beautiful star, but also because it recovers the energy of our surroundings, which are also solar.

So who is the Tistean team?

We are : Baptiste, Carole, Stéphane, Benjamin, Louis, Mathilde, Haroun, Kevin, Thibault, François, Constance, Laurence, Sébastien, ...