The concept

Tistéane has developed a solar capsule that can fit various supports (rings, plugs, etc.) to create Solar Lids that can be adapted to all types of jars, as well as efficient and functional Solar Lamps. The use of an advanced green technology allows Tistéane to create decorative accessories designed for creative and responsible consumption.



Equips our Solar Lids.
Practical and useful, gives a second life to jars, DIY, ecological and fun.
Mood light, 5 hours in the sun for a full charge enable 10 hours of lighting.. Poly-crystalline PET solar panel
. Touch switch-on
. 100% waterproof
. 1.2V – 1000mAh battery
. 1 LED – neutral lighting


Equips our Solar Lamps.
Originally created for professionals from the hotels/restaurants and event industry (for intensive and prolonged use).
4 positions dimmer: from the children night light (up to 160 hours autonomy on a single charge) to the powerful lamp suitable for event decorations (140 lumens – 10 hours autonomy).
. ETFE Mono-crystalline solar panel
. Touch switch-on
. Charge indicator
. Possibility of recharging via USB port (cable supplied)
. 3.7V – 3200 mAh battery
. 9 LEDs – warm lighting


Designed for professionals from the Hotels/Restaurants and event industry.
Ideal for a sky of lights, it switches on at dusk and automatically goes out after 6 hours of use.
3 hours of sunshine a day is enough for it to be autonomous. Its battery allows it to operate for 4 nights without recharging, i.e. more than 25 hours of use.
. ETFE Mono-crystalline solar panel
. Charge indicator
. Possibility of recharging via USB port (cable supplied)
. 3.7V battery – 1600 mAh
. 9 LEDs – warm lighting


For a given capsule diameter, the possibilities are limitless.
In accordance with our ecological commitment, our 100% wooden rings will be available during 2020.
Our rings offer many possibilities for branding and personalisation (UV color printing or engraving of a logo or message).


Our solar capsule makes it possible to transform traditional jars into innovative solar lamps as shown with our association with the emblematic French glass jar brand Le Parfait.
Tistéane selects carefully every component and controls all stages of production which allows it to imagine, design and develop its own models.

Tistéane is an innovative company, passionate and willing to collaborate … Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to create your own model.